HDInsight ESP: Lenses Deployment Failed


Lenses HDInsight deployment failed, what can I do?


First check if this is an error due to wrong inputs

SSH into Lenses edge node

  • First ssh into a headnode
  • Check Lenses edge node internal hostname: cat /etc/hosts
  • SSH into the host with sshuser@lenses-edge-node-hostname
  • Become root: sudo su -

Check the content of /var/log/lenses/setup.log. The setup.log logs the run stages and any error it occured. The errors have the following syntax:

  • date : Error Line - Exit Code - End of Execution"

Input errors usually will messages that indicate that something was missing, for example

  • “Custom keytab path: /some/custom/path does not appear to be a directory. Exiting…”
  • “ESP was enabled but credentials auth or keytab auth was set to true.”
  • “No b64 keytab was provided”
  • “No Lenses default admin password was provided. Exiting…”

To view your inputs and verify the error, issue:

cat /var/log/lenses/env

The first big string the content of your base64 encoded concated inputs. Below the base64 string is the environment that Lenses runs

To view the base64 encoded inputs, first copy the base64 string from /var/log/lenses/env and then run

echo 'here-you-paste-the-copied-string' | base64 -d

Provide logs and input for us to debug

If the error is not related with the inputs, please

  • Decode the base64 encoded inputs sting (see above)
  • Remove sensitive info like passwords, keytab encoded string, license and replace them with –Reduced–
  • Copy the env that Lenses run /var/log/lenses/env everything below the base64 inputs string (again replace sensitive info with –Reduced–)
  • Copy the Lenses Install Log /var/log/lenses/setup.log

Archive the above copies and send them to us at support@lenses.io