Azure HDInsight

Get started with Lenses. Click here to set it up with Docker and connect to an Azure managed Kafka (HDInsight) with the standard configuration.

1. Get your Lenses access key

Sign up with Lenses and download your access key.

2. Sign up for Azure and create an HDInsight Kafka

HDInsight for Apache Kafka is a fully managed streaming platform by Azure, deployable in the Azure cloud.

Start by signing up for an Azure account . Follow the in-product instructions to launch HDInsight clusters within the Azure console interface.

Azure HD Insight

Then, gather the connection points of your cluster.

Gather 2 connection points

Go to Dashboards > Ambari home

  1. Kafka endpoints: Go to Kafka > Configs > Kafka Broker > Kafka Broker hosts.

    Kafka endpoints

  2. Zookeeper endpoints: Go to Zookeeper > Configs > Zookeeper Server > Zookeeper Server hosts.

    Zookeeper endpoints

3. Next steps


Currently, Azure HDInsight doesn’t provide managed versions of these services:

  • Schema Registry
  • Kafka Connect

Without these services these Lenses features are not available: