Setup Lenses in your AWS VPC and connect it to your AWS Managed Kafka with few clicks.

What you will need


Create a Lenses workspace

  1. Go to Workspaces and click Add Workspace
  2. Select “On your cloud” the “Amazon MSK” option
Lenses Portal Add MSK workspace

Follow the wizard instructions to setup your AWS account and deploy Lenses:

Step1: Create an AWS Role

To deploy Lenses, you need to create an AWS Role .

Click to Launch CloudFormation in AWS button to setup the role in your Amazon account.

Lenses Portal Add Role via cloud formation

You will be prompted with the AWS console to Login with your Amazon Account. On the CloudFormation page, create a new stack:

Lenses Portal Add Role via cloud formation

Step2: Add the AWS Role details

Insert the AWS account details with the ID and the Role Name from the previous step. Save the account and continue to the setup the deployment.

Lenses Portal Add Role details

Step3: Setup Deployment

Add a name to your workspace and select the deployment options

Lenses Portal setup deployment

Step4: Login to Lenses workspace

Go to Workspaces and click the generated URL.

You will be navigated to the Login page. Use the credentials prompted to your browser to enter the workspace.

Lenses Portal enter

Next Steps

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