A free, trial or commercial license file is required to start Lenses. To request one use

View license info

  1. From the Header Bar Menu, go to Admin panel.
  2. On the side navigation, select License under Lenses section. license

Notification for license expiration

30 x days before the license expiration, a small notification will appear on the top. An additional 5 extra days are available before the application stops. license

You then have 5 x extra days before the application stops: license expiration notification

Notification for number of brokers violation

You should see notification bar at the top of page saying your license is invalid due to number of brokers violated license

License update

With Lenses version 4.1 or later, you can also update your license using the user interface license

Then paste your license in the modal and click Update License license

On success you will be notified by a new modal that contains the expiration date of the updated license. license

Update via CLI

To update the license, please review the reference documentation