Elasticsearch Indexes


Viewing Elasticsearch Indexes depends on the permissions the user has.

  1. From the Header Bar Menu, go to the Dashboard panel
  2. On the side navigation, select Explore under Data section.
  3. On the connection filter, select the Elasticsearch connection.

Elasticsearch List

Indexes list

The Elasticsearch Indexes list shows the indexes which are relevant to your Namespace permissions .


Lenses filters out by default the Elasticsearch system indexes, which you can include in the list by checking the System Datasets button.

System Datasets

On the sidebar at the right part of your screen you can find information about the size of the index, the total number of records in it and the status of its shards.

Indexes Metrics

On the same screen, you can see the data, the representing schema and the shards of the selected index.

Index data

On the data tab, you can browse your Index data in Grid and List view, and download it in a JSON format.

Indexes Data

Index schemas

Lenses parses your data and creates a representative schema of your Indexes data.

Indexes Data


In the shards table, you can see the status, the replicas and the total records of each shard.

Indexes Data