Work with Data

Data Introduction

Data channels

Lenses enables different channels to work with streaming data in Kafka with SQL:

  • 1. Lenses web user interface with Lenses SQL editor & studio
  • 2. Lenses Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • 3. Lenses APIs


You can simply use SQL for all necessary operations via all the channels. All the above touch points are governed by Namespace based security groups.

Users with appropriate permissions can manage topics, query data, define policies and monitor status.


Lenses provides all the building tools build up your DataOps, and opens streaming data and Kafka to everyone securely:

  • 1. Access to the data entities
  • 2. Ability to manage data entities
  • 3. Easy visibility into the data
  • 4. Visibility into the data catalog
  • 5. Governance.