Schema Registry

  1. What SR Formats does Lenses support
  2. How to access and manage Schema Registry Schemas through the API, CLI and UI

Basic Concepts

Lenses can interoperate with schema registry implementations that conform to the Confluent REST API (these include, alongside Confluent Schema Rigistry, also Aiven’s Karapace). Once configured, Lenses provides an interface to manage the schemas based on the appropriate permissions. See Docs on how to configure Schema Registry

Lenses schema registry integration is supported only for the following schema formats:

  • AVRO

JSON and XML formats are supported, but without a backing schema registry.

  1. From the Header Bar Menu, go to the Dashboard panel.
  2. On the side navigation, select Schema Registry under the Data section.


Create a schema

  1. Click the New Schema button.
  2. Fill in the unique Name and choose between Avro and Protobuf schema.
  3. Fill in the Schema of your choice. Be aware, that when you change Schema Format, the Schema will reset.

View a schema

Navigate to a specific schema by clicking the Name of the schema from the list. Each schema represents either the Key or the Value.


Select version

Schemas allow evolution based on the compatibility rule set. You can navigate to the different versions of each schema. Specific compatibility can be set for each schema.


Edit a schema

Based on the compatibility mode of the schema, schemas can be evolved to a new version.

  1. Click on the Edit button to enable the editor and update the schema.
  2. Click the Edit Schema button to save the new version.

Delete a schema

Deleting a schema has can be performed either by:

  1. Deleting a specific version.
  2. Deleting a current version.

To delete a schema navigate to the actions options menu or from the History Tab.


Schema history

Compare versions of the same schema by navigating to the History from the actions options menu:


Schemas references

Since version 4.1 or later, Lenses provides experimental support for schema references , a feature introduced in Confluent Platform 5.0.

Please be aware of the following limitations:

  • support for this feature is currently implemented for the AVRO format only.
  • references are not supported in SQL processors or Kafka connectors