Monitor Kafka Topics

Lenses indicates the health status of a topic. The metrics of the data, the partition status and replicas status, and also its consumers.


Lenses provides a map showing the number of records that are currently allocated to each partition. Using this map, users can quickly identify if a partition has been over-utilized and rearrange their partitioning strategy.

  1. Navigate to the Topic and select the Partitions tab.

Topic Partitions

The details for each partition are also available together with the replication status. To view partitions health:

  1. Lead broker per partition.
  2. Records per partition.
  3. Data size per partition.
  4. Max and min offset per partition.
  5. The indicator is the replicas are in-sync.


To view the active consumers for a specific topic:

  1. Navigate to the Topic and select the Consumers tab.

Topic Consumers

The details for each consumer is available:

  1. The partitions they are consuming from.
  2. The lag offset.
  3. Consumer group stability.

You can drill further into the consumer by clicking the consumer name.

JMX metrics

The JMX metrics tab provides detailed information about each broker. To view the JMX metrics for each Topic per broker:

  1. Navigate to the Topic and select the JMX Metrics tab.

Topic JMX

Get notifications

You can enable rules to get alert events when a topic is created or deleted. See Alert Rules for more information.