Deprecated SQL processors

Version 4.0 introduces a new generation SQL streaming engine. SQL processors setup with previous versions are still available to manage via new Lenses version. However, older syntax which is deprecated cannot be used to create new processors.

All the processors that have been created with Lenses 3.2 and older are treated as Deprecated Processors .

Deprecated Processors

As part of 4.1, Lenses will auto import the older processors in CONNECT mode and will mark them as deprecated. Legacy processors running in [KUBERNETES] mode, are imported starting with Lenses 4.0 release.

Learn more about Lenses Sql Proecssors Execution modes here

Deprecated SQL processors

Deprecated SQL details page

There is no action required from the user. The processors can still be:

  • stopped
  • started
  • scaled
  • deleted

Processor Graph

The “Processor Graph” of the Deprecated Processor will now be represented by only one(1) node which is called “PROCESSOR”

Deprecated SQL details page - Topology

The same change will be reflected to details panel in the global topology

Global Topology - Deprecated processor - Processor Graph

The Processor Graph for the new generation Processors(v4.0) will display all the nodes of the graph.