Lenses Topology

Build and operate with confidence complex streaming topologies, such as ETL data pipelines, stream processing and analytics combining multiple Connectors, Processors, and Topics with full data lineage.

The platform provides more than just the Streaming SQL data flow graph. It is also able to display a global, high-level view of the entire data flow pipelines in one interactive graph that contains topics, connectors and processors.

  1. From the Header Bar Menu, go to the Dashboard panel.
  2. On the side navigation, select Topology under Flows section.



The Graph in Lenses Topology is automatically generated based on the available applications running against your cluster. The application includes: Connectors, SQL Processors and Custom Apps that you instrument via the Lenses Topology Client Library .


Metrics are automatically updated on the UI and are available via the Lenses API. You can configure the frequency of the metrics received via Lenses Configuration

Interactive nodes

Every node in the Topology is clickable and opens up the relevant metrics and details for the selected node.


Permissions on Topology

Application permissions govern topology. This means that we can access the nodes related to the namespaces you have access too. See more on Application Permissions