Monitor & alerts

Lenses supports Monitoring and Alerting capabilities to ensure the system health and behavior.

Services health

Lenses connects and monitors multiple 3rd party services, for example, the Kafka Brokers, Zookeepers, Schema Registries, Connect clusters. For most of the metrics, you will require to enable JMX metrics to be exposed from the services. A secure connection to JMX is recommended.


Lenses also monitors user actions and applications and triggers alert events when a rule is associated. Alert events can be routed to 3rd party systems to have them connected to your enterprise alerting solution.

Consumer groups

Consumer groups lag is exposed via the web interface, as well as Lenses API for further integration. Custom alerts can be applied based on a threshold to ensure lag SLAs.

Grafana & Prometheus

Lenses integrates with Grafana and Prometheus for historical metrics. We provide the JMX exporters that you need to produce the out-of-the-box Grafana templates provided by Lenses.

Enable JMX metrics

Enable JMX or Jolokia