1. From the Header Bar Menu, go to the Dashboard panel.
  2. On the side navigation, select Explore under the Data section.
  3. Choose one of the topics listed.
  4. Click on Metrics tab.

Metrics screen

Daily and total metrics section

Daily and Total metrics section

In this specific section, you will be able to monitor the new messages produced from the selected topic. Under Today section there are the messages count produced at the current time of the day and percentage of the daily average in the last month. Under Total In Topic section, you will be able to see the total messages produced and the data size.

Calendar and live throughput section

Calendar and Live Throughput

Under Last 30 days (calendar) section, you will monitor the messages produced in the last 30 days. Hover over each calendar day to see total messages produced on that day. Next to the calendar stats for the last 30 days are also presented. From here, you can find out about Average, Minimum, Maximum, and Total values. Under Live Throughput section, real time data regarding the producing messaging will be shown in the chart. The chart data are updated every 10 seconds.



On the bottom of the metrics page, a data table is available. This provides a summary of key topic metrics across your cluster.