Latest version: 4.3.x


Use Groups to control data and application access for users of your data platform. All users and service accounts must belong to at least one user group.

Namespaces define data-centric security access via topic names and wildcards. Different permissions can be applied to each data namespace.

For example:

  • payments* and *inventory will create a virtual namespace for topics starting with payments and topics ending in inventory.
  • * authorizes access to all topics.

Permissions are used to define what users are allowed to do (view only or manage) within a namespace.

There are three types of permissions in Lenses:

  1. Data Namespace Permissions
  2. Application Permissions
  3. Admin Permissions
  1. From the Header Bar Menu, go to Admin panel
  2. On the side navigation, select Groups.


Create a group

To create a Group, you will need to specify the Namespaces and Permissions for the Group.

  1. Click on the New Group button.
  2. Follow the steps and fill in all the sections.

Step 1: Unique name and Description of the Group


Step 2: Data Namespace Permissions


Step 3: Application Permissions which are relative to the namespaces defined in previous step


Step 4: Admin Permissions


Manage groups

You can Edit. Clone or Delete a Group by navigating to the Group details and select the options menu at the right top of the page.


Manage Groups


For automation use the API and CLI