User Management


Groups are used in Lenses to define Namespaces and Permissions. Authorization rules in Lenses are only determined by the Groups. User and Service accounts must belong to at least one Group so they can be used. There are no default groups in Lenses.

Namespaces are used to provide multi-tenancy. They are a way to divide cluster data between multiple users or teams, via topic names and wildcards. Each namespace has permissions that can be apply to compose access for the group.

For example:

  • - payments* and *inventory will create a virtual namespace for topics starting with payments and topics ending in inventory.
  • - * authorizes access to all topics.

Permissions are used to define what users are allowed to do (view only or manage) within a namespace.

There are 3 types of permissions in Lenses:

  1. Namespace Permissions
  2. Scoped Permissions
  3. Admin Permissions
  • 1. From the Header Bar Menu, go to Admin panel
  • 2. On the side navigation, select Groups.


Create Group

To create a Group you will need to specify the Namespaces and Permissions for the Group.

  • 1. Click on the New Group button
  • 2. Follow the steps and fill in all the sections.

Step 1: Unique name and Description of the Group Groups

Step 2: Namespace permissions for data Groups

Step 3: Scoped Permissions which are relative to the namespaces defined in previous step Groups

Step 4: Admin Permissions Groups

Manage Groups

You can Edit. Clone or Delete a Group by navigating to the Group details and select the options menu in the right top of the page.


Manage Groups

Use the CLI

See CLI Docs

Use the API

See API Docs